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Teacher: Why are you late?


Photographer Paul Massey's work is perfectly represented in his own beautiful home. His latest home located in Primrose Hill, London, was recently featured in British magazine Living Etc. Over the past twenty five years Paul has designed and built houses in addition to his photographic work. I love his use of reclaimed materials and salvaged furniture pieces which creates a very unique look with a country side feel. His home is very soothing, relaxing and definitely inspiring.


Las protestas en el lente de Carlos Becerra // #Fotoperiodismo en #ImagoMundi

Carlos Becerra es un fotógrafo independiente venezolano, formado en el Taller de Fotografía de Roberto Mata. Ha seguido de cerca los sucesos de 2014 en Venezuela y sus imágenes sobre las protestas y los enfrentamientos han sido publicadas por diversos medios y organismos a nivel internacional. Parte de su trabajo ha sido publicado por Amnistía Internacional, CNN, Washington Post, The Guardian, entre otros. 


This girl received a head shot during the protest yesterday! In this picture, they are taking her to the hospital for medical attention. Maybe she will survive! I hope so…

Y murió hoy…

Today I went out in the streets to protest peacefully against the represive goverment, we were just a bunch of young people standing up for ourselves, our country, our families, friends and everyone who’s died because of the insecurity or the unfair government’s regimen. Today I stood in the middle of the street along with at least 1000 other people. We made signs and sang. We walked some streets then got blocked by the police. They had so many guns. The had bombs and tanks, we walked towards them, unarmed with our hands up in the air. We are fighting for peace. We just want peace. Today I had to run as fast as I could because for NO reason, the police started throwing rocks, EXPIRED mustard gas bombs (which is extremely dangerous) and then they started shooting at us. I grabbed my friend’s hand so hard I’m surprised I didn’t break it, we were just holding each other tight literally running for our lives. We ran so hard and so fast we were able to make it to some store just before they closed it, they let us in and then we were locked there. I was worried about my friends outside. Fortunately me and my friends are ok. But 11 people got hurt today and a girl my age, who was just at the same place I was in was killed. She is gone now and it’s not fucking fair. I’m sorry I’m writing this I’m just so angry and sad and I feel like I need to say something just because I have the right to. WHY does the government answer to our peaceful protests with violence? Why do they torture, arrest (where they also torture abuse and even rape students), and kill us just for standing on the streets expressing our opinions. Where’s my right to have an opinion? Where’s my right to want better? To want less bullets, less deaths, less violence? I want a better place to live in, we all do. Why do I have to risk my life every single time I go out? It’s just not fair and we need to change that. And people need to know what’s happening. Everyone needs to know. We need your help. (i’m sorry this doesn’t really make any sense I’m just upset) Please spread the word.
(Not my photo)